2 Days Certified Radio Jockey & Voice Over/Dubbing Workshop - Welcome To NBT Rangmanch Club

2 Days Certified Radio Jockey & Voice Over/Dubbing Workshop

21 Apr
  • Available Seats :
  • Date :
    April 21 Sat, 2018 to April 22 Sun, 2018
  • Time :
    Starts at 10:30 AM - Ends at 1:30 PM
  • Workshop Type :
  • Duration :
    3 Hours Each Day, Total 6 Hours
  • City :
    New Delhi
  • Location :
    NRAI School of MassCommunication & MGT M-161/1A,G L House,Gautam Nagar New Delhi

Live your passion with Us! NBT Rangmanch Club brings a special workshop on Radio Jockey/Voice Over & Dubbing Workshop special designed for Sundays.

There is a lot of man power requirement in the field of voice overs and dubbing. There are a lot of radio ads and jingles getting made. People can give their voice for corporate films, cartoon network channels.they can release their own audio books of stories, use their voice for dubbing of text books for non sighted students.
The best part about this career is that it can be done on a part time basis also, a normal voice over artists gets paid around 10-30,000 for an ad film, and 10-15000 per page, for documentaries, if you can do dubbing for cartoon network , you can expect anything around 30-50,000 per episode per charector voice
Most of the cartoon series made for kids were originally made in western countries using English voice, they are getting dubbed into Hindi to suit the Indian audiences
U must have seen south Indian films , dubbed in Hindi , on tv channel, a normal ‘charector voice dubbing ‘ artist would get paid anything between 25-40,000 for the whole project

Make your voice earn fame for you.

About the workshop: 3 hours interactive workshop for 4 days (21, 22 April 2018) by Mr Nalin Singh
1. Pronunciation
2. Diction Clarity
3. Vocal exercise/modulation
4. Working atmosphere & responsibilities
5. Introduction to scriptwriting
6. Introduction to studio console & music
7. Music appreciation

8. Microphone rehearsals (script -1)
9. Microphone rehearsals (script -2)
10. Microphone rehearsals (script -3)
11. Microphone rehearsals (script -4)
12. Final rehearsals
13. Final review / certificate distribution / farewell.

Limited seats Available! Hurry up.